En route today from Coos Bay to Bend, I stopped 18 miles east of Eugene at Dexter Lake. Dexter is home to University of Oregon Crew.

In 1971 at age 22 I was hired as head coach of UO’s crew program. I spent many wonderful hours on this lake back then – and have done so in recent years as part-time volunteer assistant coach.

Dexter Lake looms large for me. It is the lure that enticed me to leave my home state of California; I have been an Oregonian ever since.

Reflecting on my life, I realize just how much of it I found on this very water.


Three wooden singles grace the trailer, from left: 2009 Pocock Classic, 1984 Owen, 1975 Pirsch. Plus sculls, riggers, assorted boat stuff, and my fold-up Dahon bike.

Tonight I stay outside of Bend at the home of my son Ian and his wife Sara. What a fine man he is – and she his perfect match.

Tomorrow early I leave for McCall, Idaho to look at a boat surely not made for racing.

2 thoughts on “Oregon Origin Story

  1. Hey, you liar! You were NOT “an Oregonian ever since.” What about your YEARS in the Badger state? I suppose you think you can just come here for our women, cart one off, and then deny that you breathed our dairy air for those (few short) years.

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