Tomorrow at noon I shall pull out of Coos Bay, Oregon and drive to Burlington, Vermont, then south, then back west to home.

Coming along will be three boats from my collection of rare wooden single racing shells. Included will be my favorite, BETTER ANGEL, pictured here.

I’ll be on the road for three weeks, logging some 7,000 miles in my trusty SUV, boat trailer in tow.

I’ll follow an itinerary marked by few must-do’s and much room for serendipity.

I’ll miss my dear wife, our fine old home that overlooks the bay, my local friends, my three dogs, my two kitties, and my perfect rowing lake.

I’ll miss the daily routine that defines me and makes me feel secure.

Why, then, undertake this odyssey?

Because I can, and because I must.

And for what I hope to learn and to share with you in this weblog.

Coming up: Bend, Oregon!

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