Several people have asked about the trailer I am pulling.

Alan Stewart built it for me, with a little help. Alan is my friend of 40+ years and one fine rower. He now dedicates himself to coaching, as head coach of Vancouver (WA) Lake Rowing Club juniors and masters.

The bottom frame and axles are a galvanized, commercially-built EZ Loader 21’6″ power boat trailer. We removed the boat bunks and the winch. Alan welded and bolted iron (angle and tubes) for the superstructure, then unbolted his work and took it to the galvanizer.

The trailer will carry three shells on each of the top two levels and two on the bottom. Bottom two levels are for 1x, top for 1x or 2x/2-.

The box sides and floor are expanded metal – easy hooking for bungees and the like. Lots of room for oars and sculls and other stuff such as the fold up bike at the back.

Friend Peter Perrin helped Alan build the trailer for a couple of days, mounted the waterproof aluminum boxes, and added some other final touches.

The torsion bar suspension gives the trailer a smooth ride, even on the barely updated wagon roads that are used in the Interstate Highway system in certain eastern states.

The trailer pulls easily behind a mid-sized SUV with a turbo V-6 engine.

Send a comment if you want other details or information about the boat slings and cradles I use.

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