I’ll stay over at Bloomsburg, PA tonight and I re-Joyce over having snagged the last Holiday Inn Express room. There is a tractor convention in town and I feel pretty good about myself for missing the jacked-up rates with my good-guy club points.

Drove through heavy rain yesterday so the car looked pretty good for my meet in Danbury, CT with Buck Miller. Buck sold to my friend Dick Robbins a lovely 40+ year old Stampfli single shell. With it came a pair of Stampfli sculls of same vintage.

Miller lives near Long Island Sound and I had said to Dick that since I was planning to be Miller’s time zone with a trailer that hauls racing shell, sure, I might as well swing by and pick up the goods.

I met Buck Miller at the parking lot at a huge mall in Danbury, CT. I arrived early and was fiddling around with stuff on a trailer when a kid in a putt-putt with the mall logo on it came by and asked what I was doing. I said waiting for a guy to come by with one of these boats so I can haul it to Oregon. He asked if he could see my i.d. and I said no. Off he want.

Miller had owned and rowed the boat for decades. He was parting with an old friend, reluctantly, and it was difficult for him to let go. I reassured him that Dick Robbins will love And row this boat as he had.

He wanted one last photo with the boat. Here it is:

Buck Miller with one last touch

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